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Lawyers Larry and Avon Successfully Recovered Full Losses for Exporter in No-Bill Shipping Dispute

In a longstanding collaboration between an export enterprise and a foreign buyer, smooth FOB transactions were the norm. However, a cyber-attack disrupted the routine, leading to a mistaken payment by the overseas buyer. Facing disputes over the correct payment, the exporter sought assistance from lawyers at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office, specifically Larry Zhou and Avon Zhao.

Successfully Recovered Full Losses for Exporter in No-Bill Shipping Dispute

Upon reviewing the case, our legal team proposed two potential solutions, pursuing payment and compensation from the foreign buyer directly, or holding the shipping agent accountable for unauthorized release of goods.

Given the complexities and costs associated with litigating abroad, the second approach was deemed more feasible.

Guiding the exporter in evidence collection and documentation, our lawyers initiated legal proceedings against the shipping agent, demanding payment and compensation. Faced with the legal action, the shipping agent took the initiative to engage the foreign buyer and urged them to fulfill their payment obligations.

Ultimately, through our efforts, the shipping agent paid the disputed amount to the foreign buyer, allowing the exporter to recover the entire sum. Our legal team's prompt and effective approach ensured a swift resolution, contrasting with potentially prolonged and costly efforts to recover losses directly from the foreign buyer. The exporter expresses great satisfaction with the professionalism and service provided by our legal team.


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