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Representing Burmese Enterprise to Successfully Resolve a Contract Dispute and Recover Over $210000

More and more foreign companies go to China to buy aluminium ingot, steel and other raw materials, What is little known is that there are some suppliers, in order to attract buyers to place orders, the initial offer was very low. However, after receiving payment, during the performance of the contract, with various reasons to increase the price or directly less delivery.

A Myanmar company is very cautious about sourcing from China. Before placing an order, it conducted sufficient due diligence on a supplier in Shandong, including checking the other party's shop on Alibaba, hiring a third party to conduct on-site visits, signing a more comprehensive contract, and even hiring an inspection agency to monitor the shipment. However, the supplier still appeared to be in breach of contract, making unauthorised changes to the terms of the contract and refusing to ship.

After communications failed, the Myanmar company contacted our legal team and instructed our lawyers to resolve the dispute. After reviewing the materials and investigating the other party's information, our lawyers informed the client that there were the following risk points:

Firstly, the seal signed by the other company on the contract did not match the official legal seal;

Secondly, the other party's collection account was an offshore account.

In order to ensure that the other party's assets were seized as far as possible, our lawyers actively communicated with the court at the same time as the case was filed, and the court searched and inspected the other party's assets and successfully froze the other party's assets by adding the shareholder and spouse of the other party as co-defendants.

As the litigation progressed, the other party realized that the case was not in their favour and after the trial they temporarily hired a lawyer and submitted additional materials to the court, to which our lawyers responded positively and rebutted each and every one of them.

Under pressure, the other party proposed mediation after the trial, and our lawyers also actively assisted the client and the other party to reach a mediation programme, not only to preserve the client's legitimate rights and interests as much as possible, but also recovered over USD 210,0000. In this regard, the client is very satisfied with the legal services provided by our lawyers.


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