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How to Investigate Real Estate Registration Status for Family Assets?

Many foreign citizen of Chinese origin had family property in China, usually under the name of an elder family member. After years when they plan to handle the assets, they are not aware of the current registration status of the real estate, thus unable to sell or inherit the assets.

Can they entrust a Chinese lawyer to investigate the asset information?

investigate the asset information

According to Article 18 of the PRC Property Law (中华人民共和国物权法), the stakeholders of the property have the right to apply for inquiring the transfer registration information of the property. As we know, your grandfather is the original owner of the property, and your relative became the owner of the property through the transfer when the transfer agreement did not meet the conditions for effective. Therefore, your grandfather should be a stakeholder of the property and has the right to apply for the transfer registration information of the property.

And according to the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Provisional Regulations on Real Estate Registration (不动产登记暂行条例实施细则), if your grandfather entrusts an agent to go to Zhanjiang Real Estate Registration Center (湛江市房地产交易登记中心) to inquire about the transfer registration information of the property, the materials to be submitted include:

  1. The original identity certificate of your grandfather (eg passport).

  2. The original text of the notarized power of attorney issued by your grandfather.

  3. The original ID card of the agent.

  4. Evidence to prove that your grandfather is a stakeholder of the property.

  5. Application for inquiry (including the purpose of inquiry).

Therefore, if you need, we can provide you with the service of preparing application materials and guiding you to apply (not including the service that we accept your grandfather's entrustment to go to the relevant department for inquiry) at a price of USD 260 per hour or USD 1200 in total. If you choose to paid by hour, we will charge you for 3 hours first after signing the engagement letter. When you need more services after the completion of the first 3-hour service, we will charge you another 3-hour fee and continue to provide services for you. If you choose to pay USD 1200 in a lump sum, when you entrust us to file a lawsuit after inquiry, the USD 1200 you paid can be deducted from the attorney's fee of the litigation.


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