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If you get a job in China, how to apply for work permit: Advise from China Lawyer

According to Article 5 of the Guidelines on Work Permit Services for Foreigners in China (Interim) issued by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts, and the Regulations on Employment Management for Foreigners in China issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, When employing a foreigner, the employing unit shall apply for an employment permit for the foreigner, and the employing unit shall apply to the local foreign expert bureau for a work permit for the foreign employee. Employers should login to the Service System for Foreigners Working in China, submit application information and related electronic materials online for pre-examination. After the pre-examination is passed, they should submit materials to the local foreign expert bureau according to the online notification or appointment of the Service System for Foreigners Working in China.

The materials required to apply for a work permit include:

1. Application Form for Work Permit for Foreigners to China . Note: Fill in and print online. After the applicant signs (photocopy or fax), stamp the official seal of the employer and upload it to the Service System for Foreigners Working in China.

2. Original Certificate of Qualifications. Note: Certificate of work experience related to the current job offered by the applicant's former employer, including position, working hours or previous projects. The certificate of work qualification should be stamped by the applicant's original work unit or signed by the person in charge, with a valid contact telephone or e-mail.

3. The originals of the highest degree certificate or relevant ratification documents and professional qualification certificates . Note: If the highest degree certificate is obtained abroad, it shall be certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate stationed abroad, or the applicant shall be certified by the embassy or consulate of the country in which the degree is located, or the applicant shall be certified by the Chinese certification institution. The highest degree certificate obtained in the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Special Administrative Region shall be certified by China's academic certification institutions or notarized by the local notary institutions. If the highest degree certificate is obtained within the territory of China, only the original certificate is required.If China's laws and regulations stipulate that the competent industry authorities should pre-examine and approve or possess the corresponding professional qualifications for admission in China, the approval documents or certificates of professional qualifications of the competent industry authorities should be provided.

4. Certificate of no criminal record. Note: It shall be issued by the police, security and court departments of the applicant's country of nationality or habitual residence, and certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad or by foreign embassies and consulates in China. Certificates of no criminal record issued in Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan shall be notarized by the notarial organs in their respective regions. The place of habitual residence refers to the country or region in which the applicant leaves the country of nationality and finally resides continuously for more than one year, excluding the territory of China. No criminal record should be issued within 6 months.

5. Original medical certificate. Note: The certificate of physical examination record verification or health examination of overseas personnel issued by China Inspection and Quarantine Institution, or the certificate of physical examination issued by overseas health and medical institutions approved by China Inspection and Quarantine Institution, shall be issued within 6 months.

6. Original or photocopy of employment contract or certificate of appointment (including dispatch letter from multinational corporations) . Note: The Chinese contract should be provided. The applicant should sign the contract and cover the official seal of the unit. No alteration is allowed. If an employing unit that has been recognized by the licensing decision body as having typical integrity and no bad credit record for three consecutive years is unable to provide an employment contract before entering the country, it should provide a certificate of appointment and submit an employment contract when applying for the Foreign Workers'Work License of the People's Republic of China after entering the country. Necessary content should be consistent; if inconsistent, it is necessary to re-apply for permission, except for salary increase or post (position) promotion.

7. Original of applicant's passport or international travel document. Note: Passport or International Travel Document Information Page. The validity of the passport shall not be less than six months.

8. Recent crown-free electronic photos of applicants within 6 months. Note: Recent crown-free electronic photos, white background, no border, complete facial features, clear image, no spots, no flaws, no ink defects. JPG format, size between 40K and 120K bytes, not less than 354 (wide) * 472 (high) pixels, not more than 420 (wide) * 560 (high) pixels, 24 true colors.Hats or headscarves are not recommended. If you have to wear them for religious reasons, make sure they do not cover the whole face of the applicant.

9. Original Certificate Material of accompanying Family Members. Note: Including the information page of accompanying family passport (or international travel document), family relationship certificate (spouse-marriage certificate, child-child birth certificate or adoption certificate, parents or spouse parents-applicant birth certificate or marriage certificate or notary certificate), medical examination report (family members over 18 years old) and electronic photographs. The accompanying family members include spouses, children under 18 years of age, parents and spouse parents.

10. The original of the visa (Z or R) or valid residence permit held by the applicant. Note: Passport (or International Travel Document) Visa Page, Entry Signature Page or Residence Permit Information Page.


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